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Return Of Gazir Pat

Gettng inspired by hundreds of years old Folk Motif (Pat Chitra) available in a few localilies like Faridpur, Mymensingh, and Manikganj. Respecting the creators and original artists she values Mr. Shambhu Achayrya (descendant of the Pat artists) and seeks his approval to transfer this art into fashion. She traveled to Wuhan, China, and showcased this … Read more

Remember Meena

GLOBAL TALENT MBFW- Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia 2019 ROKAIYA AHMED PURNA, founder of RAP award-winning design from Urban Tribal has been selected to be exhibited at OTAGO MUSEUM in March where RAP is one of the 20 international designers who participated in the iD emerging designer week for the last 19 years.Designer was selected in … Read more

Jute Matryosh

GLOBAL TALENT MBFW- Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia 2019 Merged the Russian, matryoshka doll and our Bangladeshi golden jute doll and i use hand weaved silk ln my collection name “jute matryosh”tribal fabric:all my collection re presentation of empowerment in uphold our tradition and culture that what’s i focus on. Feminism, empowerment, sustainability is key of … Read more

Urban Tribal Collection & Design Project

Id Emerging designer New Zealand Young Entrepreneur Award There are many indigenous communities in Bangladesh and each of these communities has its own culture and tradition. Some of them may even have cultural distinctions within their different clans. But some traits are generally common among most tribes. For instance, originally most tribes had been animists. … Read more