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ROKAIYA AHMED PURNA (RAP) Label has become much more than a destination for timeless Bangladeshi culture fusion work and couture. In just two years, the designer label has been identified for redefining Bangladeshi traditional cultural fabrics folk motif, textiles, empowering regional underprivileged people. She is known for her astute craftsmanship and unique play on colors styling international celebrities’ models and harmonizing traditional and fusion silhouettes seamlessly with contemporary luxury. Her journey started to work in Bangladesh TVC and TV friction and participating International fashion show and getting awards. Getting first AWARD (FIRST PRIZE) IN DENIM & JEANS INNITERNATIONAL SHOW 2016 And GETTING AWARD IN 2017 (2ND PRIZE) IN DENIM AND JEANS INTERNATIONAL SHOW. In year 2017 she got and excellence Award from Wuhan International fashion week. In year 2018 she is winning the ever first Award in ‘ID Dunedin Fashion week” for her work in Fashion with sustainability and practicing CSR through create an employment sector for Underprivileged and becoming Emerging Designer ID New Zealand Dunedin are renowned for worldwide. ROKAIYA AHMED PURNA showcased for the 1st time in ID Fashion Week (New Zealand, Dunedin). She became a member of the ID Emerging Designer. She wants to create new dimension of fashion with uphold Her country culture and tradition, with her colorful fusion works. IN YEAR 2021 EXHIBITION IN OTAGO MUSEUM FASHION FWD >> DISRUPTION THROUGH DESIGN SELECTED BY ID EMERGING DESIGNER AND TEAM OF OTAGO MUSEUM. The brand portfolio includes voluminous dress embellished with traditional weaving technique, printing with folk motives, elegant Fusion wear for women, and means. The brand relentlessly strives to support the heritage Bangladeshi Artisans. Heritage textiles like Silk, khadi, Jamdani, Benarasi, Tribal fabric re-innovates them with modern elements of design and adds the signature ROKAIYA AHMED PURNA touch to reach the millennials worldwide. Rokaiya Ahmed Purna, has been toasted across the Fashion world with Fashion spreads in International magazines such as Vogue, Canvas magazine, New Kid official, Textile Today etc.
ROKAIYA AHEMD PURNA(RAP) continues to create spectacular collections under her label and is one of the most coveted designers for Fashion fusion with sustainability and contribute to work in  SDG Goals with  Gender Equality, Responsible consumption and production, Promote Insidious heritage textile  and the growth of domestic innovation, Attain gender equality, empower women and girls her own country Bangladesh. Through her own Fashion Brand (ROKAIYA AHMED PURNA(RAP) and start her philanthropy business model, by doing her new project Inspire me, with women Artisan. 
The incredible journey of Rokaiya Ahmed Purna Signature collection creates a new dimension of fashion trend and the people acceptance and love show how people loves her now and upcoming fashion collection. Collection that is distinguished by its stylistic originality combined with the superior sartorial content of its creations. The strong identity of the Designer collection has evolved over the years while always remaining faithful to its inherent standards. An unmistakable style, the expression of unconventional luxury which, season after season, combines strong innovation with the powerful Mediterranean flavor of its origins. Every piece is lovingly, painstakingly and deliberately created by skilled artisans using the highest degree of craftsmanship, quality, devotion and care reflects a living heirloom culture.