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Urban Tribal Collection & Design Project

Id Emerging designer New Zealand Young Entrepreneur Award

Working with weavers from the ethnic minority marginalized community of Bangladesh, with the aim to preserve centuries-old craft heritage from the brink of extinction. The designer adapted the textile Thami into her innovative design sense and was selected to compete in “id Emerging Designer New Zealand” in 2018 and won the Entrepreneurial Prize at I’D International Emerging Designer Award (ID Fashion Week).

There are many indigenous communities in Bangladesh and each of these communities has its own culture and tradition. Some of them may even have cultural distinctions within their different clans. But some traits are generally common among most tribes. For instance, originally most tribes had been animists.

About Collection
The glamorous colorful culture and tradition is the most one of the attractive part. There are also indigenous communities in our country, each community have different culture and tradition. The most interesting thing of indigenous communities that, garment the all ware made by themselves. Those are full of color and technique used in hand loom.
in my collection by reintroducing traditional indigenous fabrics & hand loom (heritage textile) and merging them with contemporary tencel and khadi.
Most important part is my collection not only represent the sustainability of fashion but also says how important sustainability of their creating employment and empowerment, so that by our works we uphold or culture and tradition.

Tribal Fabric: The tribal communities of Bangladesh usually make their own clothes for their dresses. Almost every family has a loom. The fabrics made by the tribal people in their own looms are very colorful. They make sheets, thin towels, dress material, carpets and carrying bags. Traditionally, tribal people have used cotton produced by them on the hill slopes and they themselves have made the yarn for weaving and used natural colors for dyeing. All the dresses for women are full of attractive and colorful designs. Their traditional designs on a fabric piece to help future generations pick up designs from it. It displays a variety of designs of birds, butterflies, flowers and leaves.
In my design i have create a combination of denim fabric, khaki fabric and Bangladeshi traditional tribal fabric, represent rediscovering culture in am trying to reintroduce our famous traditional Bangladeshi tribal fabric, as a fashion designer we should understand the visual arts in relation to history and cultures, inspired by tribal fabric b using line, color, texture, form, shape etc from it. I think, if Bangladeshi tribal fabric made globalize mingled with fashion that will be considered as a new dimension for fashion in the world and also introduce our culture in fashion world in different way.
my collection is not based on sustainable fashion, my brand trying to works for sustainable development through creating employment sector for underprivileged people, also trying build my social business through my collection.

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